Come one, come all! Join us for a spooky gay little tale as a boy meets a circus performer one night by chance, leading to a new romance and a new nightmare inside Patchwork Circus where the performers aren't hired.. they're created.



About RedMari


Artist / Author: RedHerring

Red resides in Texas and has been creating little comics to show her friends since intermediate school before moving on to creating webcomics to share with the internets.
She lives for three things: BL, spooky stuff and her dog.

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Site Manager: Marielle Lawliet

Mari, also in Texas, loves to spend time shopping, crafting and occasionally napping.
She helps manage the comic site and storefront and is also the one to whisper to Red to draw more dicks.

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Where does this comic take place?
This story will mainly take place inside of a travelling circus but the comic
begins in a remote valley town in the middle of America, present day.


Are the characters or plot based off of anything inparticular?
The characters and story are not based off of anything but the interest in wanting to make a spooky circus story can be traced back to Red's love of novels such as Pilo Family Circus and the Cirque du Freak series.


Are there any sort of content warnings?
There will be mature themes in this comic and occasional gore so if you are easily triggered/offended by anything you might see in a Rated R (18+) horror movie, this may not be the comic for you.


Is this an NC17 comic?
There are graphic sex scenes, however this is not a porn-based comic
(shout out to our
Patreon though where NSFW goodies are aplenty!)


How is the comic made?
Scripted, thumbnailed, sketched, inked in pen, scanned, colored in Photoshop.
Red has a tablet but prefers to live in the stone age.


Why update once a week instead of 2 or 3 times?
While it would be ideal, Red has a full time job on top of the comic.
Add to that all the Patreon extras and general merch prep, freelance art, etc she already spends her free time doing and her drawing hand would fall off.

Any further questions you may have feel free to email us!